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Dino 6 hydraulic dredge in Montana


dredge rigging

Who We Are

From our high performing, reliable equipment to our clients having access to specialized maintenance support and our innovative and dependable team, Dredge Rental & Marine has you covered. We aim to increase your project efficiency by providing client driven rental and contracting options. We also have a multifaceted group of industry experts that we can recommend for essential project needs such as hydrographic surveying, mechanical excavation, dewatering options and vegetation removal.

Dredge Rental & Marine was founded in 2020 by Justin McDougal who wanted to provide an alternative avenue that would allow clients in need of dredging services to achieve their project goals. Coming from the contract side of dredging, Justin wanted to create a service orientated business whose core focus would be the leasing of specialty equipment as well as training, consulting and support for marine related construction and dredging projects. Customers ranging from private land owners to municipalities, and everywhere in-between, are in need of the ability to rent portable hydraulic dredging equipment and self-perform the work needed to complete their projects without having to incur a large capital investment on a piece of equipment that may only be needed once or on a per-project basis. Without this, projects can become unfeasible and thus never remedied. This is where DR&M can help. However, that is not where DR&M services end as we also offer contracting services for inland waterway projects. By offering this range of options, we have found that we can find a solution to fit any of our clients needs.

DR&M is a member of WEDA (Western Dredging Association), NALMS (North American Lake Management Society), and SLMP (Society of Lake Management Professionals). DR&M also works directly with industry professionals such as GSI, Dredge America, Inc. and The Mapping Network to help provide additional services clients may need.

Get to Know Us

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Dedicated to our customers through value driven approaches with quality equipment and services, always with integrity.


To be viewed by our customers as an indispensable entity by providing solutions to their marine projects. This is accomplished by exceeding customer expectations, providing technology driven services and innovative solutions, maintaining professionalism at all times, and gaining and maintaining respect within the industry.



Customer Commitment






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