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Dino 6 hydraulic dredge in Florida

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Dredge Rental & Marine's rental fleet includes well-maintained, easy to operate dredges and support equipment suitable for small-scale hydraulic dredging projects that require minimal disruption to the existing landscape. Our rental program is ideal for clients such as commercial diving companies, mechanical dirt contractors, homeowners associations, golf courses, lake management companies, general contractors, marine construction companies and marinas. Our rental equipment is available to be delivered nationwide.

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With a one-month minimum rental period, included in our rental pricing is an experienced company contact to provide equipment troubleshooting support throughout the duration of your project. We can also provide logistics, onsite training and consulting services to ensure you have all the tools to successfully complete your project. Our team is customer service driven and our reputation upholds that. We look forward to bringing innovation and quality service to you. Please contact us for specifications, pricing and availability.

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DR&M's rental fleet includes a range of sizes of portable hydraulic dredges to fit your projects needs.

Dino Six Rental Packet & Specs

The Dino Six is a uniquely portable dredge system developed to perform jobs inaccessible to other dredges and sediment removal equipment. Weighing only 3,800 pounds, the Dino Six excavates sediment with a durable, high-torque, direct-drive cutter head and can pump at rates up to 1,200 GPM through the highly abrasion-resistant, hydraulic submersible dredge pump. Mobilization costs are minimal compared to a typical 6" dredge as the launching and loading are similar to that of a boat rather than a conventional dredge or excavator, causing minimal damage to the shoreline or tracks to be repaired. Rental of the Dino Six includes 1 trailer for the dredge, 1 job box, pipe clamps and pipe connections, dredge discharge flex hose, HDPE pipe, and pipe floats. Extra HDPE pipe is available upon request for an additional rental fee and freight costs.

Dino Six schematic drawing


Length: 21 ft
Width: 5 fit, 11 in
Height: 5 ft, 4 in
Weight (less fuel): 3,800 lbs


Working Depth: 13 ft
Cut Width: 5 ft, 6 in


2 (two) pontoons: 2 ft, 2 in X 1 ft, 10 in X 16 ft
Construction: Stainless Steel
*16 gauge, 3 separate compartments each float (6 compartments total)
*Internal stiffeners on all sides


Type: 83.3 Cummins 4 cylinder diesel
Horsepower: 66 hp @ 2,500 rpm
Fuel Capacity: 30 gallons


Tachometer/hour meter
Slurry pump hydraulic pressure gauge
Cutterhead hydraulic pressure gauge
Discharge pressure gauge


Material: AR Steel, 400-500 Brinell
Discharge Diameter: 6 in
Performance: 1,500 GPM Max
1,100 GPM @ 50 ft TDH
*Supplied with open faced trash impeller
*Enclosed impeller available


Double pulley hydraulic windlass with 2 hydraulic motors
Versatile Propulsion: Standard cable driven propulsion for prevision dredging and positive line pull to maximize the cutterheads efficiency


Width: 5 ft, 6 in
Diameter: 2 ft, 2 in
Drive: Variable speed duel hydraulic motor
Direct Drive
*Replaceable, hardened steel trencher teeth and mixing paddles


Pump: Tandem gear 2.60in3/rev. and .91in3/rev.
Filtration: 10 micron
Reservoir: 25 gallons
*Oil cooler thermostatically controlled
*Stainless steel tubing on boom
*Impeller high-low speed selector valve


High engine coolant temperature
Low engine oil pressure
High hydraulic oil temperature
Low hydraulic oil level

Truck and dredge on trailer.
Dino Six Fleet
Dino Six portable hydraulic dredge
Dino Six portable hydraulic dredge
Dino Six portable hydraulic dredge

4010 Rental Packet & Specs

Our transportable 4010 hydraulic dredge is guided along a cable system. It's lateral steering winches allow for precise control while in operation and it's Cummins diesel engine is highly efficient. The hydraulic submersible pump is ideal for removing sediment at high solids. This extremely versatile and high performing machine is great for a range of materials such as clay, coal fines, ash, mine tailings, pulp, sand silt, slurries and more. It's overall measurements are 10' 4" H x 30' 6" L x 9' 4" and it's working depth is 20'.

IMS 4010 hydraulic dredge
IMS 4010 dredge
IMS 4010 dredge on truck
IMS 4010 dredge
IMS 4010 dredge
IMS 4010 dredge
dredge rigging


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